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MODERN studio  is an upcycling brand born in Sicily and later moved to Milan.


Founded by Federica Rao, a fashion designer who is particularly sensitive to issues of sustainability, waste and overproduction in the fashion field.

The brand's goal is to give a second life to high quality tailored garments, especially Made in Italy, destined to remain in the warehouses, on the stands of local markets or in the wardrobes of our parents or uncles who bought and kept long ago. with care for years but now they no longer wear, although they are still in excellent condition.


The longest but also the most fascinating process of this project is in fact research. Each garment selected has a history and a quality of fabrics that we are no longer used to. 


The manifest values on which MODERO studio is based I am:

Recycling in a creative way, "re-producing" garments with what you already have.

The uniqueness. In a world where we are now all dressed the same or similar, the novelty lies in wearing something that no one else has, that makes us stand out for style or that simply makes us feel individuals and not masses. In fact, each piece is unique and although it can be replicated, in case of request, it will never be identical to the previous one. But that's the beauty of it. Being unique is much better than being perfect.

The craftsmanship. The garments are handmade with different techniques. There are no elaborate and intricate machinery, only hands and a sewing machine.


The products that are modified are mostly men's garments, this is specified only for a size reason.
Modero studio is free from the concept of gender. Let's feel free to wear what most reflects us or simply what we like.